A Taste of Borneo Paradise

A Taste of Borneo Paradise

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🔪👨‍🍳This book is very much a compilation of the author’s passions—the main ones being food and photography! Sabah, an off-the-track state very much different from the other parts of Malaysia, is so rich in terms of culture and natural resources! What started as a fun project for the author quickly turned into an all-consuming passion as she threw herself headlong into the brand new experience of coordinating with award-winning chefs and restaurants to put together a cookbook that explores all the different cuisine that can be found here!

In the many months (and countless sleepless nights!) it took Nancy to compile this collection now documented in this book. The author was privileged to rub shoulders with chefs from places as diverse as England, Australia, India, and even from Kelantan and Penang in Malaysia.

Some chefs featured here have even cooked for presidents and royalty! The author has lost track of the number of times she had to do a paradigm shift as she came up against chefs with different approaches, viewpoints, and temperaments! What the readers may have heard about the infamous chef's temper is no rumour!

Though, to be fair—the chefs who contributed to this book have all been fabulous! We hope you enjoy experimenting with it as much as the author and chefs have enjoyed compiling it for you!👩‍🍳🔪