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Caladium Euphoria Edisi Rimbun Letup

Caladium Euphoria Edisi Rimbun Letup

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Plant Measurement: Plant is about 3-5 leaves, 12cm to 15cm tall in polypot. (Approximate size is like the picture marketed above)
5 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Plants.
1. Test soil moisture using 'finger test' to determine watering timing. (Google "Finger Test" for the video tutorial)
2. Do NOT have to water daily, only water when subsoil is dry. (Do NOT water daily) 
3. For small pots, optimal days of watering would be half cup of water once a week.
4. Apply a sprinkle of control release fertilizers every 3 weeks.
5. Keep in slightly shaded region without direct sunlight and rain.