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9 Benefits (9大功效全面修复):

·       Repair Cells – Rejuvenate cells and protect cells from damage

细胞修复 - 深层激活细胞, 让器官由内至外健康


·       Strengthen Immunity – Fight free radicals and reduce sickness rate

增强免疫 - 对抗自由基, 减少生病感冒


·       Digestive Protection – Enhance absorption and relieve indigestion

肠胃守护 - 增强吸收力, 帮助消化


·       Brighten Skin – Tighten skin, increase skin elasticity

紧致肌肤 - 减少皱纹, 让肌肤更有弹性


·       Reduce Wrinkles – Lighten dark spots and balance uneven skin tone

美白淡斑 - 淡化黑斑, 让肤色更均匀透亮


·       Delay Aging – Fight free radicals, delay cellular aging

延缓老化 - 高效抗氧, 延缓细胞老化


·       Boost Metabolism – Promote cell regeneration and remove toxin

新陈代谢 - 促进生成新细胞, 排除毒素


·       Replenish Nutrients – High polyphenols to maintain overall wellness

增补营养 - 补充细胞所需的养分并帮助调节生理功能


·       Anti-Inflammation – Reduce acne problem and inflammation

抗氧消炎 - 缓解痘痘问题,有助抗发炎





Quality Assurance - R3 certified by:

·       国际 GMP 良好生产规范认证 Good Manufacturing Practice

·       MeSTI 卫生部食品安全问责工业认证 Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri

·       HACCP 国际优良制造标准认证的食品安全管理体系规范 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

·       KKM马来西亚卫生部食品认证 KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)

·       Halal 清真认证 Halal Certified

·       SGS食品安全认证 SGS Heavy Metal & Microbe Test

·       非转基因食品(non-GMO

·       R3 Nutrition is free from preservatives and not added with artificial colouring or artificial flavours. 无添加防腐剂,无添加人工色素,无添加人工香料绝对安全,无副作用,可以放心服用的产品。


R3 is natural, you can consume at anytime of a day. However, for best results, it is recommended to consume it early morning before breakfast. You may take 1 to 3 packets daily. If you are ill or having cold, you may take an extra pack to strengthen your immunity.

R3 是天然保健品,任何时间服用都可以。若是想要达到最佳效果,建议空腹服用。每日可服用13包,若是生病或感冒,可多服用1包,增强免疫力。