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The Kalawang bag is handicrafts by the Murut of Kg. Saralom Taka, Sapulut, Nabawan. In olden days, the Kalawang bag is used as a container for carrying crops like rice and edible jungle products but nowadays many people use it for carrying personal belongings. The materials used are genuine rattan and they use traditional dyes from ‘Indoromol’ leaves and clay for black colors.

Binulan Motif – inspired by the moon (Bulan).

Inulos Mondou Motif – inspired by the fierce look of a tiger’s face.

Linampinak Motif –  Depicts the habit of the weaver – he weaves while eating a bowl of porridge, hence, creating a porridge-like pattern.

Minangulop Motif – Once upon a time, a weaver saw a colony of flies on his weaving equipment. He was then inspired to apply the pattern of the colony of this to weave the Murut motif.

Sinawot Motif – inspired by the wedding gifts (Sasaut), which are paraded together with the Lanjung by the groom’s representative via wedding. These gifts look like Sinawot, which are used in Murut wedding during the olden days.

Sinusu Motif – The pattern of this Murut motif is unknown, but it was said that a little boy came with a rice-scrapper when the mother was weaving, and so the pattern is called the ‘rice-scrapper’ pattern.

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