LIKE BISCUIT Roti KOK 来客饼铺 切饼 250g

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LIKE BISCUIT Roti KOK 来客饼铺 切饼 250g
famuous hand made roti kok in penang ayer itam
ROTI KOK was created back in the 1960s and the 1970s by bakeries faced with vast quantities of unsold bread. It was created out of economic necessity. The unsold bread would be slapped with a thin layer of butter or margarine and topped with a generous sprinkle of sugar.

槟城的roti kok 也叫做切饼
再配上一杯搞搞的Kopi O, 太棒了‼️‼️ 吃了一片又一片,你一定会喜欢

1.原味 original
2.牛油风味 butter
3.全蛋风味 egg

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