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Sponsor Prepaid Internet Service To Rural Villagers

Sponsor Prepaid Internet Service To Rural Villagers

Number of Participants: 125 Orang Asli

Program Period: August 2023 to December 2023


Supporting products from Orang Asli Villagers will play a direct and vital role in creating job opportunities for individuals in need. Here's how the support will contribute to job creation:


Connectivity: Each participants in this program will be receiving 5GB internet data voucher per month from ConnectmeNow by Measat for a period of 5 months.


Working Allowance, Salary to Participants: Each participants will receive allowances/margins from the end product produced on a monthly basis, which would further encourage them to start of their own business and as a start up support for their future business expenses.


Materials, Tools & Equipments: Raw materials, tools and equipments will be provided to help rural villagers start their home business or plant agriculture products. Villagers could get involved in the new initiative comfortably without any financial burden. (Eg: banana to make kerepek pisang, one source of income)


Education, Training & Skill development: The program is customized to assist the participants to develop skill and experience required specifically catered to produce end products for generating income in the near future. We provide them with valuable opportunities to develop new skills, gain industry knowledge, and increase their chances of employment.


Transportation: The program covers all transportation needs of delivering raw materials, tools and equipments to the participants and the distribution of the finished products to the customer/supporters.