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Mount Kinabalu isn't just Sabah's majestic treasure. It's also home to the plantation that gives you Sabah Tea. Made with carefully selected and processed Cammelia Sinesis tea trees, their noteworthy black teas have a signature taste that's filled with full-body aroma and subtle character. All without the use of additional colourings.
Not only that but Sabah Tea's plantation is situated in the middle of the 130 million-year-old Borneo rainforest. This keeps insects and pests away, and therefore pestiscide-free. On top of them all, Sabah Tea only sources its product from their own garden so you know there are no hints of blending with other tea from a different garden in every cup of Sabah tea.

What's more, is that tea is rich in antioxidants. Due to high levels of polyphenols and catechins, tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and diabetes (amongst others).

So the next time you want to brew tea in your teapot, choose Sabah Tea for an environmentally friendlier and healthier alternative.

Note: This box has 50 tea bags, weighing 100g each.