The Glory of Mt. Kinabalu

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This book shows the brief introduction to the summit trail of Mount Kinabalu (minimal text and minimal images). Images from detours to Paka Helipad, Laban Rata’s waterfalls, Gurkha Hut, Alexandra Peak, and more, including photographic maps (shooting locations of significant photographs). Look out for the images of Mt. Kinabalu in various weather and time of day (including photographs of fire rainbow, Milky Way, moon halo, storm, golden rain’s sunset, and light painting’s night scenery.)
  • Front Cover: Sunrise at Western Plateau
  • The abstract beauty
  • Cloud waves
  • Contents / The summit of great mountain
  • Prologue / Introduction
  • Majestic Mt. Kinabalu of Borneo
  • Fauna / Flora
  • Cloud forest
  • Lower Montane forest
  • Upper Montane forest
  • Streams
  • Subalpine forest – the beginning of the greater challenge
  • Forest of dry trees
  • A closer look into the beauty of the summit
  • “Bonsai tree”
  • Big rocks and small rocks
  • Entering the mountain garden – Laban Rata Base Camp
  • Laban Rata Resthouse
  • Sunset at Laban Rata – sunny
  • Sunset at Laban Rata – cloudy
  • Sunset at Laban Rata – stormy
  • Sunset at Laban Rata – windy
  • Starry night of Laban Rata
  • Magnificent moonrise
  • Good morning Laban Rata
  • Laban Rata’s sacred garden – fairy pond
  • Fairy forest
  • Laban Rata’s waterfalls
  • Jewels of Laban Rata
  • Alpine forest – a forgotten path
  • Reaching the summit
  • Colourful clouds
  • Summit’s sunrise
  • “Desert of Rock”
  • Realm of bare granite massif
  • Face of the Chinese widow
  • Silent Valley
  • The depth of Low’s Gully
  • 360-degree panoramic view on Low’s Peak
  • Low’s Peak in the fog
  • Beyond Low’s Peak
  • The golden peak of fire
  • Tsukushi Peak during sunrise / Stone steps nearby Alexandra Peak
  • Gurkha Hut
  • Dewali Pinnacles
  • Standing tall against a blue sky
  • From the great mountain to the ocean
  • Living on top of the world
  • Oyayubi Iwu’s Peak
  • “Moonscape”
  • The peak of flame
  • Millions of stars
  • Under the deep blue sky
  • Descending
  • Remarkable boulders
  • Photographic map / Epilogue
  • References
  • Solitude
  • The bold and the beautiful
  • Panoramic view of Tungku Abdul Rahman’s Peak and other peaks
  • Publishing Date: 2012 
  • Publisher: Ar. Alexander Poh Woei Chyuan
  • Author: Alexander Poh Woei Chyuan

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