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Sign Up As A Merchant & Enjoy Belanjawan 2022 DE Dagang Onboarding Incentive Package*

As part of the Government initiative at helping entrepreneurs in targeted sectors such as agriculture, tourism, Malaysia made products and SME Export to adopt and leverage on digital platforms to prosper, Shopla365 is extending that support by being part of the Malaysian Government’s Belanjawan 2022 DE DAGANG initiative Co-Funded Partner.


  1. Only applicable for existing Shopla365 Merchants who had registered before 1 September 2022.
  2. Malaysian Citizens OR Malaysian MSMEs with or without a business registration in Malaysia (SMEs must have > 50% local equity).
  3. At least 1 product listed after registration.
  4. For the first 200 applicants who renewed to a annual subscription during the campaign.
  5. Only one submission will be accepted for each registered IC number/ Business Registration Number.
  6. Register your interest here, our merchant on-boarding team will reach out to you very soon.



  1. The Commission and Payment Fee rebates amount reimbursed to the seller bank account will be based on the actual fees charged for order placed within the campaign period and reimbursed to the seller bank account within 14 working days from the completion of the order.
  1. The Commission and Payment Fee rebates are one- time benefits and is only claimable from 1 September 2022 to 31 December 2022.
  1. The Commission and Payment Fee rebates will automatically end once the overall campaign fund has been fully utilized.
*Authorization is granted for Shopla365 to disclose vendor’s and/or business details and data to the relevant government agencies/organizations or any third parties assigned by relevant government agencies/organizations for the purpose of tracking and monitoring of the overall progress for this Campaign as required under any governing laws, rules, regulations or guidelines.

*Shopla365 reserves the right to cancel or withdraw any support for this campaign in the event of any breach of the Shopla365 Merchant Agreement.

*Shopla365 reserves the right to amend, vary, delete, or add to any of these Terms and Conditions for any reason, in whole or part at any time as directed by the Government via any relevant policy; without prior notice to you. Shopla365 shall be indemnified for any liabilities that may arise to you in relation to this Campaign.