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Transaction and Commission Fee

Transaction Fee

All Shopla365 sellers are charged with a small transaction fee to cover the payment gateway fees by the service providers when an order is successfully completed. We only charge commission fee per order and the shipping fee will be based on the rate card as published.

It is calculated as:

Shopla365 Commission Fee

(15% Commission rate for all category of the item) x (Item price + Shipping Fee)

When is commission fee charged?

Commission is only charged when an item has been delivered to the customer. When it is updated in our system, it is automatically calculated from the order.

When is the payment cycle?

All sellers will be paid on 2 week basis. The payment/statement cycle is from Monday to Sunday. Payments are processed on the coming working Monday(s), after end of statement cycle.

Payment will be on the next working Monday after each payout cycle (prior week), sellers' will receive payment advice via email on Monday, and receive payment latest by Tuesday depending on seller's bank processing time.

*Payment will be issued after passing the return policy by ecommerce platforms.


Below is an example of the fees that will be deducted from the unit price:

Unit price = RM 100

Commission Fee: 15%

Shipping Fee = RM 6 (Bear by Buyer)

In total, the amount that you will be receiving would be RM 85.

Please note that, the payment fee will be paid to the payment service provider and the shipping fee will be paid to the shipping provider.

 Last update: 31/10/2022