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Solar Panel For Rural Village

Solar Panel For Rural Village


Join us in brightening the lives of rural communities through the "Solar Light for Rural Lives" campaign. We're on a mission to provide solar electricity equipment, bringing light and empowerment to homes in remote areas.

Campaign Overview:

"Solar Light for Rural Lives" aims to deliver solar kits to households, providing clean and sustainable energy solutions. Your support will not only illuminate homes but also enhance entrepeunership opportunities and promote sustainable living.

Our Goals:

Solar Charging Centre: Your contributions will fund the purchase and installation of solar panel system at kampung digital 365 centre, empowering rural communities with reliable and clean energy sources.

Sustainable Impact: Provide portable batteries for 60 household families in the remote area.

How You Can Contribute:

Contribute with just RM 100: Your financial support directly impacts rural households, bringing light to homes and transforming lives.

Spread the Word: Share our campaign on social media to expand our reach and invite others to join the cause.

Corporate Sponsorship: Partner with us as a corporate sponsor to make a substantial impact on the lives of rural communities.

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