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Tupperware RiceSmart 10KG / Tong Beras

Tupperware RiceSmart 10KG / Tong Beras

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A must-have rice keeper for every home, Rice Smart rice preserves the freshness of rice with the first-in-first-out rotation method to nourish families at every meal. Stylish and compact, the space-saving Rice Smart complements any kitchen and is the best choice for any family!

  • Slim and Compact Design
  • First-in-first-out freshness ensures old rice is used before new
  • Transparent feature makes assessing content level easier
  • One slide dispenses exactly one cup of rice (150g)

Capacity: 10L
Dimension: 39.2cm (L) x 18.8cm (W) x 37.8cm (H)